Pastel Hair: I tried it!

Oooooooh I did it! I’ve been dying to try out the rainbow hair trend for ages, but working in a conservative corporate office doesn’t exactly give you many opportunities to try out fun hairstyles.

Lucky for this girl – I recently quit my job!

First priority? Pink hair of course!

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Drugstore Hair Product Score – L’Oreal Total Repair Extreme

Sometimes, you get what you pay for-especially when it comes to hair products. So imagine my surprise when a $6 L’Oreal product completely changed my hair’s health! 

This little package packs HUGE results. A split end treatment created for “extremely dry and damaged ends”, this leave in serum claims to penetrate the hair fibre and bind split ends. And that it did!

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Cheat Days: How to Enjoy and Recover

In order to keep my weight in the range I like it, I need to be particularly vigilant about what I put in mouth. I diligently track what I eat and I stick to a nutrition plan based on my body’s caloric and macro-nutrient requirements. And while I fully understand the damaging effects of processed foods, it doesn’t make me crave Twizzlers any less!

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